Sunday, 12 February 2012

Tea rings

During the last summer I attended a workshop in the beautiful city of Toledo (Spain). This city is famous about its craftsmanship like handmade steel weapons and pottery.

In one of the shops I found this hand painted cup (or jar?) and I took a pair as the volume is about 1.5 dcl what is fine for green tea.

It was siting on my shelf relatively unused since I don't drink to much green tea lately, so, it started to fulfil another function, as waste bowl. This may sound as a degradation but now, this little fellow, is  part of all my sessions and add some extra aesthetic feature. Usually the rinses stay in the bowl until the next tea drinking event and thus circles are forming on its wall.

Every ring is like a finger print or small memory of a tea.


  1. Munkába a faterod pléhbögréje is így néz ki belülről! :-))) De már Marian kimosta neki tavaly egyszer,úgyhogy most elég tiszta! :-)))

  2. hehe, majd fenykepezd le oszt felrakom aszt is :)