Sunday, 26 February 2012

Home sweet home

Every time I go back home I feel so excited. Though Milano is not that far from Slovakia the journey to my home town is long and tiring. But it worth it! There are many things which makes these returns (or visits?) so special. First of all the people who I do care about the most: my fiancee and my parents, further the friends, the house in which I grew up and places connected with childhood memories. 

Most of my orders are delivered to Slovakia and there are two simple reasons why. The first is the fact that I store my puerhs back home, and the second reason is that I have bad experiences with the Italian post (I could write a whole page just about it). So, these short visits are connected with package openings, tasting and sample preparation.

As you can see, I am planning to dig into the production of big factories. Fortunately, the classical Menghai recipes are reasonably priced (though it is starting to change lately) so they don't make my valet much lighter and moreover the history showed that they are usually a good investment. 

Ps: Going back home is like a small Christmas for me :).

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