Sunday, 29 January 2012

Long infusions and Yixing pots

One of the nice things about gong fu are the last long infusions. When the steeping times are over 5 minutes I pour cool water on the leaves and leave it for overnight (or over day), for the next steep hot water is used and left again for 8-12 hours. With some teas you can repeat this procedures a couple of times and thus the leaves stays in the vessel often for several days. It is also a good way to season a zisha pot. 

On the left my pot dedicated for aged sheng with the 1992 Da Ye loos leaf  (EoT) which was brewed several times over 3 days. On the right my hongcha pot with some Yixing hongcha (Dragon tea house) after the last overnight brew.



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  2. Thank you Philippe, it is good to know that somebody read my blog and enjoy it. See you

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