Saturday, 14 January 2012

2011 Da Ping Mao Xie

I wrote that I don’t drink oolongs very often but once upon the time is good to try out something new. I made an order half a year ago from jing tea shop and there are still some small packages in the fridge. These small 25g samples are suitable for me as they last for 5-6 session and the chance that the tea goes stale is low. Is Saturday afternoon and the winter sun is gently warming the room, perfect for a session, so lets open something.
An xi oolong Mao xie, 5.5g in a 90ml gaiwan, boiling water.
No rinse, 40sec, 30sec, 45sec, 1min, 1:30, 5min, long

The dry leaves in the hot gaiwan give sweet aroma with dry fruits, its round, not to flowery. The wet leaves releases rich sweet fragrance very similar to the dry ones but more intense. The liquor is initially thin but later it is getting fuller, this tea seems to be better when it cools down a bit. In the initial infusion peach and citrus fruits are present later the grassy-nutty flavour dominates. The sweet base is constantly there. 

This oolong has an interesting cooling effect. I noticed it in the second infusion as I smelled the warm lid of the gaiwan and the initially sweet fragrance turned to cooling mint in the throat. During the following steps this cooling aftertaste (aftersmell?) was present also in the liquor and aroma cup. After four infusions a mild caffeine rush came and I also got hungry, so a break was taken and I continued after with longer infusion giving a bit thinner result but it was still enjoyable. The leaves are big and whole. 

It was a nice session; this tea is complex having some interesting features. My problem with anxi oolongs is that they often release a thick sweet fragrance but the liquor is not that full as you would expect. This tea doesn’t belong that much into this category. Not satisfying as a good sheng but I am looking forward to try it again in the near future.


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