Thursday, 5 April 2012

2011 YS - Feng Yun

I am pleased by the 2011 production of Yunnan sourcing and I am more and more a fan of Scott´s cakes. Especially the blends were really impressive and after the rather tasty Cha Qi and Shang chun I was pleased when Scott sent me a free sample of the last blend coming from 2011. 

The first session was not that impressive so I took my time this morning to enjoy this tea with more focus. Though the descriptions says that this is the lightest among the blends both the fragrance and taste are quite strong. The aroma is heavy and penetrating in a good way. The liquor has good thickness with a light cooling effect. there is a nice load of ku wei and astringency but it is acceptable for a such young sheng. At some points the taste reminded me the 2011 Jing gu mini cake which has a typical character reminding me the taste of crude corn and thus giving a chunky-meaty tone to the soup. The durability is very good. I did many short steps but I had to give up at the point when there was still some stamina in the tea. The only thing what I miss in this blend is the sweetness. There is some but it is nowhere near the heavy sweetness of Shang chun. 

Anyway, the 20USD is a fair price for this 400g cake. 

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